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About dMarie Designs


Welcome to dMarie Designs! I hope you enjoy your visit here. I've been crocheting for over 20+ years and have always loved any and everything crafty. I started crocheting for family and friends as a hobby to pass the time, but wanted to venture out and share my passion for crocheting with the world! My constant goal is to modernize crochet and make items shoppers would not expect to see or have never seen, in this particular medium. When most think of crochet they think of old grandmas in a rocking chair making baby blankets for their grandkids (lol) but I strive to continually revamp this craft and make pieces that appeals to all generations. To help achieve this,  I put time into research and keeping up with the latest trends. Color and textures are very important when working with fiber arts.  I take my craft very seriously and make sure I constantly create quality work and that starts with the basics: quality stiches!

Featured products can be purchased in my Etsy shop. Just click the "Go to Shop" button!


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